the name is aidan!

sparks how dare thee mess up my name! youve known me for a while before this was made! im very enraged about this subject same with that i rarely have spaghetti and meatballs i have the noodle… but never the meatballs.  ANYWAYS! this is just a random update on complete random things that i just thought of. yea if you dont like just say so in da comments. so im just gunna end this with a few things…. ROFLCOPTER GOES SWA SWA SWA

hey world welcome to my universe! :D

  my life here in  st.Agnes school is just crazy here oh look Georgie is playing with a ruler oh man look that book is going across the room! its just epic spending about 7 whole hours in this learning fun fest. but the side things are you cant to do much overboard, its great having a lot of fun but you still need to learn a Lil bit 🙂 learning history used to make you want to stick everything you have nearby in your eyes! but now we have just a great energetic teacher who makes anything that used to be boring a whole lot of fun! but i have to admit  my past years were fun to! btu this year the grade 7’s are going to an epic non stop fun fest witch is named…….. Muskoka woods! i cant wait for may to happen so i can be awqy for 3 days and 4 nights. the bad thing is i have to wake sooooo early “sigh”. then there is that guy named Jordan, who is currently right beside me trying to do his work thing that we both have to do. hes a good guy :).  and that brings me to tony basically hes the guy that you sometimes just want to ignore and stay away from somtimes but he is a great guy mostly just he has his times when you leave him alone to cool off then you can have fun again! good kid. then there is basicly my  best friend sloan 😀  sloan is awsome, fun, and a great nice person and she is just…. great :D! thats all i have to say bout my life here…. for now 😀 oh and sorry bout all the spelling errors and stuff its just the way i am. i often forget periods! see ya later alligator. oh our mascot is the alligator by the way 😀 !

the Olympics are costing Canada millions of dollars to host, this is the 3rd olympics hosted here in Canada. the Olympic money is well spent because the olympics are an extreme event for all of the world we can’t miss it because of haiti. plus the torch was on its way 90 days before the torch was lit, and there is soo many people who was training for the olympics day after day after day just trying to be good enough to qualify the olympics. they should still be held here in canada and anywhere the world wants it to be

my athlete for vancouver 2010 winter olimpics


Trevor Morrice, Ski Jumping


Date of Birth:

September 23, 1991


Calgary, AB


Calgary, AB


Calgary, AB




Individual Normal Hill, Individual Large Hill


Altius Nordic Ski Club


Tadeusz Bafia, Gregor Linsig

Language Spoken:


Web Site:



Training site:

Canada Olympic Park

The lion the witch & the wardrobe

the lion the with & the wardrobe great BOOK its about 2 sons of adam & 2 daughters of eve going through a wardrobe to the mystical land of Narnia. lucy (the youngest) is the first one to find Narnia by mistake( from playing hide and seek with the others) and she meets a Faun named Mr.Tumnus. second to go into narnia was Edmund is the next to go into the Wardrobe becausehe saw lucy run into the wardrobe he was hoping to proove lucy wrong but instead landed in the mystical forest area of Narnia. trying to find lucy  kept trying but saw a HUGE sledge with a pale wealthy looking woman on it. once he heard her she said i am the Queen of  Narnia. but lucy heard differently from Mr.tumnus, she is a revoulting evil nastly witch. she has casted a devilish spell on all of Narnia so it is always winter, and it always is freeezing for all. its a great book full of surprizes around each prizes

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